Samantha Luck  

 Samantha is a VR Illustrator and Animator from Toronto, Ontario. 

Graduated with a BA in Illustration from Sheridan College, Canada.

Samantha specializes in working in the world of virtual reality using the Oculus Rift's "Quill" and "AnimVR" programs for drawing and animating in VR.  She enjoys using her style to tell stories for her audience to experience her whimsical worlds in VR. She aims to making short films in VR and staying updated on the cutting edge of technology. She hopes to work freelance or within an animation or gaming studio.   In her spare time she enjoys hiking, travelling, watching lots and LOTS of films and conversing with her friends and host families in Japan.

You can also catch her painting in gouache in Toronto cafes....

Samantha speaks the japanese language fluently as well as reading and writing.



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On the side, she owns her own business, "Sam Luck Home and Cottage Portraits" and paints acrylic portrait paintings of peoples homes, cottages and pets. She has painted over 250 paintings for various clients from 2014 up till now.

Business Website: www.samluckhouseart.com