Thesis Portfolio Progress : Witch Tower Iteration and Development Work

The main setting of the story "Ichiko and the Magical Koi Dragonfish"

This is the evil witch's tower that both her and Ichiko race up to get to the magical koi fish.

Going for:

Japanese, creepy, powerful, whimsical, a bit dangerous...


From silhouettes to slightly more detailed designs... I picked four or more of my silhouettes and drew them larger in more detail. 


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 8.06.09 PM.png

Thesis Portfolio Progress

Ichiko and the Magical Koi Dragonfish


The climactic scene of the story, the witches are both racing to the top of the tower to reach the magical fish. Who will win??

Narrative Project - The Japanese Businessman

About 13 years ago, a Japanese businessman came to stay at my house for a few days. We all wondered what he was going to be like. My parents thought he was going to be a stern serious businessman and my brothers thought he was going to be like a samurai! The typical stereotypical things to expect. He ended up being one of the nicest Japanese men I have ever met. He is now currently near the Fukushima area and helping out with the nuclear fallout cleanup. What an amazing man.

Narrative Project - The 100 Meter Dash

Narrative Assignment 2 - The 100 Meter Dash

Based on a real life experience in Japan when my highschool had the annual sports festival and I was asked to participate in the 100 meter dash. Let's just say after the race I became pretty popular around the school...
The piece is in black and white to make me stand out as "the foreigner" (in colour) which is pretty much how I felt. 
Also included a photo someone took of me running with all my might haha!

Narrative Project - The Suicide Forest of Japan

So we had a four week project and I decided to bring awareness of the Suicide Forest, (Aokigahara) in Japan. 

It is a dark subject, but I wanted to shed some light on it and bring about the vital topic of suicide and the fact that it affects others more than it affects the victim. This is a much more serious topic and I'm glad I pursued it.

I included the process work as well.







The entire narrative layout.

The writing at the end was hand drawn by me! :)

The writing at the end was hand drawn by me! :)

Christmas Card 2016 Work in Progress

Here is my work in progress for my upcoming illustration for my family's annual Christmas Card. Hardest part has been composition and finding the right colours throughout the scene!