Sheridan College Curiosities Blog

Keiko Kataoka, faculty of Sheridan College had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha as well as two other students who have started their own businesses.

Keiko: Luck has inspired some of her peers in the illustration program to consider their own ventures.

Samantha: "If you have a strong business plan and know there's a market for it, then go for it. It's all about enthusiasm and passion - customers will see that, enjoy it and want to buy from you."


Northern Hoot

Steffanie Petroni of Northern Hoot had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha:

Samantha : “I love what I’m doing. I couldn’t do anything else. We need creativity in this world and creative people. We need to make people happy.”

Article: http://northernhoot.com/sault-ste-marie-sam-luck-not-your-average-house-painter/

Samantha was also interviewed by ShawTV, as she was an entrepreneur applicant of the Canadian Government's "Summer Company Program"